vrijdag 1 juli 2011


Workshops Artist Books and Gesso Press:
- Four Saturdays Okt 2011-Jan 2012 in Haarlem
- Fry 26th Nov 2011 Haarlem
- Sat 10th Dec 2011 Leeuwarden
- Sun 5th Feb 2012 Leeuwarden
- Workshops in Amsterdam in progress,

Children Printmakling
Children Workshop Etching at the AGA, Amsterdam

Children Paintings like Picasso
During the Children Book Week 2010 children of group 4 of the Jacinta School in Breda has made their own portraits, inspired of the great Artist Picasso. Telling about his life and paintings and showing some of my own 'Variations of Picasso' the children has had a lovely midday with very special results.

Workshop ´Relay Race´ Breda
A workshop in four technics: Sculpture, Printmaking, Painting and Mixed Media.

For more images about the workshops:
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