donderdag 22 augustus 2013

Impact 8 Dundee 2013, Meeting in Printmaking

The ´Amsterdams Grafisch Atelier´ has started the project:  ‘Boundless Amsterdam’.
Individual artists, Designers, Art Centres and Art Institutes are invited to submit ideas towards the setting up of the project. The ‘Boundless concept’ originated in New Zealand in a Printmaking Studio overseas. For at least two years ‘Boundless Amsterdam’ wants to be a boundary-crossing project of the AGA.

BOUNDLESS Amsterdam has organized:
- Kick-Off Exhibition in CBK Amsterdam, 6 September – 19 October 2012.
- Forum discussion ´The Transmitter´, 27 September
Finnisage: Saturday 13 October, Tim Knapen and Stan Adlandsvik tell about
  their AiR´s at the AGA
- Performance during Kunstvlaai Amsterdam of Tim and Stan, 2 November
Boundless Amsterdam will organizing:
- AiR´s with people of New Zealand
- Be member of Impact8, a printmaking conference, University of Dundee


zondag 20 januari 2013

Project Boundless NZ 2012 - 2013 Exhibitions

Four exhibitions of Boundless NZ 2012-2013:
- Hastings - Community Art Centre - March 2012;
- Wellington - Gallery of the Art School - May 2012
- Hamilton - ArtsPost Gallery - Feb/March 2013
- Taupo - Art Gallery - August 2013